Exploring the different types of restaurant in California

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If you are a tourist, one of the top destinations that you should go to is California, USA. Aside from the fantastic beaches that you will see in the said state, you will also get to experience the different types of cuisine as there are various types of restaurant in this amazing place. You just have to look for the best restaurant that serves the type of food that you are craving for. Or, you can also explore the different cuisines whether it be local, Asian, or Mediterranean food.

Let us have a look at the various type of restaurant that you can see in California.

Seafood restaurant

shrimpsAre you a seafood lover? If you are, then California is definitely the best place to go. Since most places in this state are along the coast, your options are endless when it comes to great seafood restaurants. You can enjoy fresh tuna, shrimps, lobsters, squids, and other types of fish all you want! Most places here offer an eat-all-you-can buffet, and this is something that you should consider to make the most out of your seafood experience.

One of the best restaurants that you must visit is Pacific Catch which is well-known for serving ‘Poke’, a dish that originated from Hawaii. If you know the History of Poke, then you know how good this particular dish is.

Asian restaurant

If you are originally from Asia and you have been in California for quite some time now, you must be craving for your native dishes. No worries because there are many places in CA that serve Asian food. You can choose from Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and even Filipino foods. You can invite your local friends so they can also experience the different Asian foods.

Mediterranean restaurant

Looking for Mediterranean cuisine? Worry not because there are also various restaurants in California that have Mediterranean menus. You can try the Pita sandwiches, Chickpea and Feta wraps, baked red lentil falafel salad, Turkey meatballs, Kebab dishes, and many more.

American restaurant

burger and friesIf you want to explore the local food, then you definitely have to visit the great places in this state that offer the best burger, pizza, sandwiches, or even pasta.

Like what we have said earlier, California is the home of various restaurants. So, whatever the food that you are looking for while visiting this fabulous state is, you will surely be delighted and satisfied.